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We help you master GRE rapidly.GREBible is the most Updated, with proven strategies and Advanced concepts come from an AI engine which analyses millions of student’s answers and performance. Our predictive analytics gives you what you need to focus, what your actual score will be. Preparing with GREBible is like a “walk in the park.”

Our in-depth review and analysis of a question is unparalleled. We combine Academics with Artificial Intelligence to give you a world-class product.

Effective and customized study plans

Confused about when and how to start and continue preparation, we have designed study plans based on Millions of GREBible users. Our study plans are customizable based on the performance of you in Practice and full tests and your current skill level. You can customize study plans if you have a specific condition like “you are in a full-time job and will be able to prep only for 2 hours a day” “You have only one month for prep.”

GREBible gives accurate real test experience

With our AI-powered adaptive engine, you get the best and accurate real GRE experience. The Adaptive algorithm, AI-based predictive engine, and questions by top academicians gives you the accurate real GRE experience resembling actual GRE 100%.

Practice tests and full tests give you exposure to actual GRE so that there will be no surprise during the actual GRE test. Every question has detailed, step by step, and byte-sized strategy for you to help if you get stuck with any question.

See yourself progress

We help you keep track of your progress with an intuitive dashboard that estimates your score, compares your pace with other students, and tracks your learning.

Our smart review system allows you to review your performance based on time, difficulty, subject, or according to your own bookmarks, so you’ll know exactly what to focus on next.

Important – You can score above 700

Only 10% of all GRE takers score above 330, but 30% of GREBible students have scored above and beyond that.

The average score of GREBible students is 90 points higher than the average score of all GRE students. Let’s work together to get you into a top business school.

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Score 7 points more in Math and Verbal sections

GREBible users report a median score of 159 in Verbal and 161 in Math sections, which is 6 points higher than median scores for all GRE test takers.

30% of GREBible users fetch top 10% score in GRE. There are 100’s of GREBible users who got a perfect score in GRE. Let GREbible get you closer in getting your acceptance letter from your dream university.

What GREBible Users Say

I had lots of time for preparation but was not sure how to approach. With GREBible, I made a detailed three-month study schedule and started following my study schedule. GREBible predicted my actual GRE score in its practice tests accurately. Thanks for GREBible team.

Luis Desalvo, CREO TECH

THe lessons in GREBible are not exhaustive. They have broken down things to byte-sized lessons. Each byte-sized lesson discussing a question type strategy is just 10 – 15 mins long and then immediately apply the concept in 2 – 3 questions and practice them in practice tests. These small focussed mini-lessons makes us sit with interest for preparation while other courses exhaust us and give anxiety with their never-ending lessons.

Shelia McCourtney, ARCHITECT

I am not a native English speaker, and my verbal scores were abysmal in my 1st GRE attempt. GREbible’s Vocabulary bible helped me master vocabulary in 21 days, spending 30 mins with the software. GREBible teaches to prep smarter and not harder. I was able to prepare and master vocabulary without much sweat with a simple game like strategies in GREbible. Combined with verbal strategy guides, I was able to see the improvement in the Practice tests itself. My verbal scores greatly improved in my subsequent GRE attempt. I will recommend GREbible for any non-native speaker who is worried about verbal skills and verbal section score.

Custom Potrait, ARCHITECT

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