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Customized Study Plans
Leveraging Artificial Intelligence
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Why GREBible?

GREBible is based on Engaged learning. It is not one way where the instructor explains, and the student listens. GREBible is designed in such a way that it engages with you using tech to deliver knowledge and inturn you excel in the actual test

Stops and crucial junctures and make sure you understand and master the concept. Uses AI and identifies certain concepts you will find difficult and easy and deliver according to your predicted ability level. This becomes ultimate in customized learning. Here we are breaking the traditional classroom practice.

Real actual GRE test like questions will make you confident and answer any type of question in the actual test. We are known for our realistic actual GRE test like questions among the edu world and students.

This is not a routine traditional imparting of concepts but an interactive way of learning. This keeps you engaged and not get tired of studying, which is a common problem among students of not being able to focus. GREBible automatically keeps you focussed with its interactive mode of delivery of concepts

Individual Attention

GREBible, with its powerful AI-based engine, delivers course which is highly personal to you. It decides your positioning based on millions of test-takers records. So GREbible gets an accurate persona of you like what is your current skill level, your weakness, and strengths, your study patterns, your progress with GREBible lessons and practice tests.

Armed with all these data, GREbible adapts itself at every step and delivers a genuinely personalized course to you.

Adaptive Diagnostic

GREBible has practice tests for every question type and with first practice test with each question type GREbible accurately predicts what are your skill levels, where you need to focus more and where focus less.

How many hours to prepare what lessons. The diagnostic + Machine Learning + Your score + your strengths + Your weakness customizes the course delivery for you. The adaptive engine developed and trained by Harvard PHD’s. We use millions of students study records and accurately predict and deliver what is required by you.

Customized lessons

Two types of customization’s exist
1. The software, based on your performance in diagnostic practice tests and prepares a learning plan exclusively for you and executes it with you

2. Here you will input how many hours of prep time you have, what concepts you are strong and weak. Based on these inputs, the AI predicted plan would be further customized.

Simulated Practice

GREBible is known for its 100% replication of actual real GRE tests. We simulate the actual GRE test in its

1. Question Type
2. Concept tested in Question
3. Strategy on which the question is based
4. User Interface
5. Adaptive delivery of questions based on Testtakers response
6. Scoring of test based on AI scoring engine

You can be assured that on the test day you will not b surprised and be ready to face questions which you have already mastered during your prep with GREbible.

Special FOcus on Hard Concepts

We have a special focus section dedicated to the Math section and verbal section. Certain

1. hard concepts
2. Difficult question types
3. Confusing advanced strategy questions

are dealt in this special focus section. We got you covered from not making mistakes in hard questions in actual GRE test