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GRE is not a number game but a screening test to filter out candidates. Some university programs require a high GRE score. A near-perfect high GRE score may not be necessary but will increase the odds that your application gets accepted

GRE is a kind of threshold measure. Candidates who do not clear the threshold will be rejected and who cross above the threshold will have the application accepted.

GRE scores compensate for other negative aspects of you. Example you have a low GPA a good GRE score will get you selected despite a low GPA and puts you back in the race.

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Score Improvement Guarantee:

If you have a Premium/Advanced subscription, we guarantee a 5-point increase in your overall score.


  • You must have taken GRE before the purchase of GREBible
  • Your old score must be valid(less than five years old)
  • Email us a copy of your BSR “Before score report” when you sign up. A scan or screenshot of “official score report” is fine
  • Email us at with the subject “Before Score Report for GRE Score Guarantee.”

IF you haven’t taken the GRE test before you can still buy and use GREbible, but you will not be in the eligible for score guarantee.

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