The History Behind Our International Test Prep company

GREBible was launched way back in 2004 with a dream of bringing in world-class study material which enables an aspiring test taker to achieve great GRE score and thereby securing admission in his desired graduate school.

GREBible is always focused on the quality of content and leveraging lessons by top GRE instructors. We also wanted to do this with less cost to the student.

We have come a long back from 2004 to now Artificial Intelligence era with machine learning in test prep. Our innovations are award-winning in delivering quality content served in a most intuitive way being most helpful to our student. We have patents pending for our Machine Learning Scoring Engine, AI-Based study plan customizing.

GRE Experts who make you get great GRE score and get you admitted

Beau Mason, GRE Instructor99 percentile GRE Score
Beau has been into GRE tutoring for more than ten years. After completing his graduation in Chemical Engineering, he started tutoring GRE for students. He is one of our leading content creators. He specializes in creating material and questions which has a complex connection with one another an important feature present in actual GRE test questions.
Bob, GRE Instructor99 percentile GRE Score
Bob is a verbal expert. He is the chief brain behind GREbible verbal study material being very lucid for the students. His strategies and the way it is explained in GREbible is one of the most loved parts of GREbible by students. He is an expert in skinning a complex problem and solving it to the core. He has spearheaded strategy sessions for the whole of the verbal section from RC to TC to Sentence equivalence. From the feedback we got both native and non-native speakers were able to approach and crack verbal section easily
Nick, Co Founder99 percentile GRE Score
Nick, an engineering graduate, co-founded GREBible and is now overseeing its operations. LIstening to students and test prep instructors worldwide, he found that GRE in the test prep industry is to be rife with problems and lack of solutions. He identified that this test prep industry is to be disrupted and bring value addition to students in a big way.
Gordon, GRE Instructor99 percentile GRE Score
Gordon is the lead GRE Instructor. He has been with GREBible since its launch in 2004 and has closely worked with the Content team and tech team in bringing best of two worlds into a world-class product for GRE. He has understood the complex AI and ML tech and have spearheaded in bringing them to good use in GREBible.
Steve, GRE Instructor99 percentile GRE Score
Steve is an instructional expert. He graduated from Stanford University and has over 20 years of experience in tutoring GRE to students. He is the person who delivers instructions as according to the skill level of the student. Here at GREBible with the help of AI, we were able to deliver his different way explanation to one question differently for different users based on their skill level assessed by our AI Engine. Steve knows the strengths and weakness of a student and adapts his teaching according to that
BernieCo Founder
Bernie co-founded GREbible and is responsible for current tremendous improvements in GRebibles score engine and customizer engine. He imparts his machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities coupled with data on millions of students he creates wonder in customizing prep to students and makes GREBible unique according to the student, and no one size fits all.
Elly, GRE Instructor99 percentile GRE Score
Elly is a 99 percentile scorer with a near-perfect score in GRE of about 170 in Quans and 169 in verbal. Her passion for teaching has led her to innovate, and she is the best in breaking down of a large complex GRE problem and simplify it to make it understandable by the student. Her innovative solving of questions has got much great feedback for her from users of GREBible
Eric, GRE Instructor99 percentile GRE Score
Eric is a Harvard graduate. He graduated in English literature. HE has been teaching for the past 15 years. HE is known for innovation methodical teaching. He is also known for his clarity in answer explanations, which helps students reason with and avoid the same mistake twice. He is a leading contributor in our answer explanations in GREbible which has been a favorite part of GREbible among students. HE continues to improve the quality of GREbible with we always in awe
JessGREBible Course Director
Jess graduated from Kellogs institute of management. Before working in world-class companies like Airbnb, amazon Fred is overseeing the GREBible operations. Fred is always passionate about what he is doing and delivers tremendous value addition to GREBible in all possible ways.

Our Mission

We are passionate about disrupting the test prep industry by creating innovative and effective test prep products using cutting edge technologies. GRE is very crucial for every aspiring student, and we are serious about them. We stress ourselves to bring world-class test prep material with world-leading innovators and instructors. We do not compromise on the quality of the product, which is directly proportional to the score of the student.

We know that GRE is standing in between your admission dreams, and we are committed to making you get the best score and thereby getting admitted in your desired university. We herewith GREBible also cover other connecting pieces of graduate study. We cover the whole graduate school application process for you.

We stay updated and believe technology combined with traditional preparation can bring tremendous change in the way we learn and the score we achieve. We keep ourselves updated with the latest technology and imparting them in our products. You will get to see more of world-class instructors and more of artificial intelligence in GREbible, which will make you aim and achieve great GRE score.

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